Ikea confuses customers with debut of turkey-sized meatball

Ikea customers were left dumbfounded by the franchise’s new creation – a turkey-sized Swedish meatball.

On 5 December, the Scandinavian furniture and decor chain announced the launch of its new supersized food item with a post on Instagram. “It’s big. It’s tasty. It’s a proper Christmas showstopper. Introducing the Ikea Turkey-Sized Meatball,” the post read.

In an accompanying video, the Ikea food favourite appeared tripled in size on a platter of creamy mashed potatoes with gravy slowly soaking the top.

Aside from its mod furniture pieces, Ikea’s known to serve up affordable grocery options from traditional jelly-filled cookies to chicken strips and ravioli. Now, Ikea is offering a mega deal for its shoppers with the oversized meatball, a rendition of its beloved frozen Swedish meatballs.

The meatball will be finely packaged in a box, making it easy to pop in the oven and cook. Additionally, the signature spreads – a lingonberry jam and creamy sauce – will be offered on the side as they are with the usual-sized meatballs.

Limited quantities of the Christmas food special are available online, through the chain’s social media channels, and in-store.

But upon seeing the teaser on social media, customers were confused about whether the advertisement was real. Curious fans filled the comments section of the Ikea UK post, inquiring about the specifics of the new offering.

“Please say this is real,” one individual wrote, while another said: “What the flatpack is going on here?”

“Please I’m begging you I need it,” someone else commented.

Other Instagram users quipped about the turkey-sized food option. “This is it. This is how Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs begins,” one person joked.

Another added: “Didn’t realise it was the 1st of April,” a reference to April Fool’s Day.

“It really bugs me, more than it should, that the gravy doesn’t drip down all sides like the icing you see depicted on Christmas puds,” a humoured fan remarked.

A few people expressed interest in buying the meatball if it were plant-based. “If it was a plantball. I would buy one,” one shopper admitted.

Another eager buyer begged: “Please do a vegan version!!! I’LL BUY IT EVERY MONTH!”

“Wouldn’t that be nice, it would take a week to eat,” a viewer guessed.

The Independent has contacted Ikea for a comment.


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