Championing the next wave of furniture design in the Gulf

Kuwait City, Kuwait – Alghanim Industries (Kutayba Alghanim Group), one of the largest privately-owned companies in the region, is proud to reveal the winners of the Kutayba Alghanim Design Award. Now in its second iteration, the award has broadened its reach to encompass the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, reflecting the company’s dedication to fostering emerging talent. This year, in partnership with Alghanim Industries’ furniture brand Safat Home, the award has concentrated on furniture design, with a special focus on the categories of seating and tables.

The Kutayba Alghanim Design Award successfully showcased outstanding designers from across the Gulf region. In the seating category, the first prize was awarded to Bahrain’s Halima Al Mulla, with Oman’s Aseel Al Harrasi and Kuwait’s Jassim Al Nashmi securing the second and third places, respectively. The tables category saw Abdulaziz Al Khonaini from Kuwait take the lead, closely followed by Taqwa Shahid and Batool Al Sayed, both hailing from Bahrain, in the subsequent positions.

Selected from a competitive shortlist of 12 talented finalists, with six in each category, these designers distinguished themselves through their innovative submissions. The top two winners in each category were honored with cash prizes. Additionally, all finalists were provided the invaluable opportunity to have their designs produced and sold at Safat Home showrooms, offering them a significant launchpad for their burgeoning design careers.

Cultivating Innovation and Creativity

The Kutayba Alghanim Design Award, conceived by Alghanim Industries’ Executive Chairman, Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim, represents a dedication to encouraging innovation and creativity among young talents in the Gulf region. The award, initially focusing on architecture in Kuwait, has now opened new avenues for aspiring designers in the GCC to creatively reimagine everyday objects.

Executive Chairman Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim remarked, “Connecting with the vibrant and creative young designers from across the GCC has been truly inspiring. Seeing their ability to merge innovation with functionality offers a glimpse into the future of design in our region. At Alghanim Industries, we’re genuinely committed to nurturing these emerging talents. Their fresh ideas and innovative approaches are essential for advancing the design landscape and fostering a culture of creativity.”

Alghanim Industries Hosts Award Finalists

The finalists of the Kutayba Alghanim Design Award had the significant opportunity to visit Alghanim Industries’ headquarters in Kuwait, a central element of the competition’s judging process. During this visit, they interacted directly with Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim, the Executive Chairman. This meeting provided a forum for the designers to showcase their work, receive insights, and engage in meaningful conversations about design innovation and creativity.

In addition to this important engagement, the finalists were also given the opportunity to display their work at the Mirzaam Expo, Kuwait’s leading interior design and furniture event. While this part of the program served as an additional platform, it offered valuable exposure for the designers, allowing them to present their prototypes to a broader audience and connect with industry professionals, enhancing their experience and visibility in the design world.

Winners in the Kutayba Alghanim Design Award 2023


1st Place

Haleema Al Mulla



The “Layered Bench” combines practicality and modern design, transforming from a chair to a table. It offers creative color pattern possibilities, ideal for versatile spaces.

2nd Place

Asil Al Harrasi



Asil’s chair harmonizes with nature through its eco-friendly materials and sleek design, adding a modern, sustainable touch to interiors.

3rd Place

Jassim Alnashmi



Inspired by the watermelon symbol of resilience, Jassim’s chair merges comfort with artistic expression, featuring modular colors and a unique peel pattern.


1st Place

Abdulaziz Al Khonaini



The “Stacks Table” is inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, blending traditional joinery with modern aesthetics for organizing versatility.

2nd Place

Taqwa Shaheed



Taqwa’s side table represents the Gulf’s economic history, from pearl diving to oil, symbolized in its design and sleek black finish.

3rd Place

Batool Al Sayed



Batool’s coffee table is designed for social connectivity, combining straight lines and filleted edges with a mix of travertine, wood, and stone for a modern yet elegant look.


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